Belgian Engineering Students turn Toyota RAV4 Hybrid into level 3-4 autonomous car

11 juni 2018

A group of 4 final year engineering students, supervised by professor Mark Pecqueur & Wim Dams at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences in Belgium, have turned a Toyota RAV4 hybrid into an autonomous car. 

The camera images of a mobile phone mounted in the front windshield are combined with diagnostic information and data from from the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid itself. As a result the car drives conditionally autonomous and reaches level 3 / 4 of autonomous driving: it moves, brakes and regulates its speed independently, but the driver must be ready to resume control when prompted.

With the system designed by the students (hardware & software) anyone who owns a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid can drive his or her car conditionally autonomous.

Students & professors will showcase their level 3 / 4 self-driving car on Monday 18 June at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences. Journalists are invited to take a ride with students & staff.

Practical information

Public press demo on Monday 18 June, 10 am.

Thomas More University of Applied Sciences
Jan Pieter De Nayerlaan 5, 2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Brussels North - area)

Mark Pecqueur
Docent Voertuigtechnieken
T +32 476 40 87 44