International Digital Product Architect

 Specialisation of the bachelor of Information Management and Multimedia

Locatie: Mechelen -Campus De Ham

New and unique 3 year programme

Designed to create a better future
As an architect of digital products, you have an impact on many aspects of society. You can create added value by making life and work easier, richer or more efficient. After your studies you will end up in all areas of society and industry.

  • You are the architect who understands which digital products the international users want: user-friendly, interactive, in all circumstances operational, in an attractive design.
  • You know the possibilities of technology, see opportunities and can exchange ideas with hardcore technical people.
  • You are able to find ways to commercialize and put the digital product into a global market or context.
  • You realize that you do not make art, but products that are commercially interesting and socially relevant.

All assets to Excel
Your training program consists of three pillars: designer skills, maker skills and entrepreneurial skills. You will also develop your own profile within the study program - personal profiling - and thus put more emphasis on design or technology, for example. We guide you intensively through this search, as of day one. During three years you will have opportunities to discover your talents, in a creative and inspiring environment. Particularly interesting are the challenges and the e-portfolio work, where you’ll apply all your skills and knowledge in an integrated way.

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  • Programme
  • Programme


    Your training program consists of three pillars: designer skills, maker skills and entrepreneurial skills. Think of courses such as design thinking, interaction technology, internet of Things, Smart Technology, programming, multimedia, User EXperience, collaborative learning, web-tech, front-end, back-end, business, interaction, visual communication, storytelling, animation principles, smart networks, pitching strategies, portfolio design, frameworks, video 360, 3D, AI.

The spiral of innovative learning

This method is based on high impact learning and e-portfolio principles. In each cycle the level of autonomy is increased on planning, groupwork, choice of subjects, evaluation and educational method, which makes the spiral.

  • The spiral of innovative learning
  • Bootcamp
  • Challenge
  • E-portfolio
  • Feedback
  • The spiral of innovative learning

    The spiral of innovative learning

    We work in cycles of 4 consecutive phases: bootcamp, challenge, portfolio and feedback. 

    spiral of innovative learning


  • Bootcamp


    A bootcamp is an intensive period where students work around a central topic. The theoretical items of the topic are envisioned and practically embodied.

  • Challenge


    You accept the challenge and go for it! Make it happen. A challenge incorporates all the building blocks handled in the bootcamp, and more.

  • E-portfolio


    Build up a personal e-portfolio. This is a way to prove your competences, to be visible to the outside world for employment, professional skills and your social network.

  • Feedback


    Learn to give and accept feedback. Make relevant conclusions and cope with your conclusions to learn for future events.

Waarom kiezen voor International Digital Product Architect ?

Future-proof skilled

Digital Product Architecture is a new field without National borders. We prepare you for your future in the booming technology sector with expert teaching, cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and globally-recognised qualifications.

The world at your feet

You will work in an international practice enterprise run by fellow students or be in the company lead of your own international digital product startup, all guided by international experts. The digital world will welcome you with open arms!

100% in English

You’ll be taught and coached by Belgian and foreign professionals. You’ll be part of an international class. So you’ll experience the true meaning of ‘interculturality’ every day. No course book or syllabus can top that.

Na je studie

  • Get to work
  • Get to work

    Get to work

    Your future

    • Digital Product Designer
    • Digital Product Architect
    • Interaction Designer
    • Front-end Developer
    • Back-end Developer
    • UX Designer
    • Application Developer

Kom kennismaken

De stap naar het hoger onderwijs is een stap vol verwachtingen. En jij wil natuurlijk de beste keuze maken. Kom daarom ontdekken, twijfelen, vergelijken en beleven tijdens een van onze vele infomomenten! #expectmore