Information Management & Multimedia

Professionele bachelor (Engels)

Locatie: Mechelen -Campus De Vest

This training course will turn you into the data manager of the future. We offer you the technological tools that will enable you to work with big quantities of data and databases. You will receive an introduction to Cyber Security programming, which is essential for the processing and administration of data. You will also learn to build and fill dashboards so that companies can serve their own businesses and customers more efficiently. In addition, you will learn the basic principles of entrepreneurship and (project) management, as well as crucial communication and presentation skills. 

Starting from the second year, you will construct a part of your study program on your own. The terms Business Analytics and Business Intelligence won’t keep you from exploring other fields of study. Mix, match and follow your heart! No need to be scared about mathematics! Since you learn to work immediately and practically with the numbers, your analytical thinking will bring you far enough. No mathematics subjects will be repeated from the mathematics training programme. You can count on teachers who work with both feet in the business world. Add to that a no-nonsense approach, and you get a unique mix of authenticity, expertise and expert coaching!

* Training subject to reservation. We only organise the training if it is approved by the Flemish Government. More news will soon be available online.

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Hilde Revyn


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 1

    Phase 1

    Compulsory Courses

    • Information Security - Fundamentals
    • Programming - Fundamentals
    • Business Intelligence - Fundamentals
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Databases
    • System & Network Architecture - Fundamentals
    • Professional Communication
    • Business Fundamentals
    • Privacy & Sensitive Information

    Information Security

    • Operating Systems
    • Scripting
    • System & Network Architecture - Advanced
    • Privacy & Sensitive Information

    Data Management

    • Marketing Fundamentals
    • Business Analytics - Fundamentals
    • Inspiration Lab
    • Big Data
  • Phase 2

    Phase 2

    Compulsory Courses

    • Management Skills
    • Law & Entrepreneurship
    • Management & Organisation
    • Organisation & Information Security Policy
    • Web Development
    • Information System Design
    • Design Lab

    Information Security

    • Electronic Identification & Trust Services
    • Mobile Applications Security
    • Data Protection - Advanced
    • Hacking Fundamentals
    • Free Study Choice

    Data Management

    • Data Integration
    • Performance Management
    • Multi-Dimensional Databases
    • Data Crunching
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Free Study Choice
  • Phase 3

    Phase 3

    Compulsory Courses

    • Internship
    • Bachelor-proof
    • Research & Reporting
    • Database Administration
    • Webservices and Dataflows
    • Trends & New Technologies
    • Ethics

    Information Security

    • Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery
    • Hacking Explained

    Data Management

    • Customer Insights
    • Enterprise Lab

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