Why People Don't Like Advertising (And What's The Alternative?)

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We all hate advertising. Everyone skips television commercials and advertising on Youtube and installs adblockers to get rid of those covert banners. That is a problem. After all, how should you, as a company, get the attention of your target group today? How should you put your products or services in the spotlight? In this presentation, Thierry De Vynck explains why traditional advertising does not (or no longer) work for everyone, what the alternative is and how you can start with it with any budget. 


Thierry De Vynck Great Scott! Google & Inbound Marketing Certified Strategist

Thierry De Vynck took his first steps in the industry at the Famously Effective Grey EMEA. In 2013, he moved to Dallas Antwerp - the first full inbound marketing certified agency in Belgium. Three years later, as an inbound marketing pioneer, Thierry supervised the entire strategy & content marketing team of the Antwerp office. Great Scott! is his new project to get companies to look at marketing in a different way and to innovate from the inside. 

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  • Other Thomas More students: €10
  • Alumni 2014-2018: 20€

Practical information

Date & time | Monday, October 22nd, 2018 - 18h15
Language | English
Location | Thomas More, Campus De Vest, Zandpoortvest 60, 2800 Mechelen (aula 2)
Registration | via this link

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