AI brings the Airline Industry increased efficiency and less costs

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Many of us associate an airplane with holidays: destination chosen, tickets bought, luggage packed and off we go. However, behind the scene of every airline many things have to be meticulously organized. One of the many things in that entire chain is the ability to buy fresh/prepared meals on board. The trick is to be able to predict more accurately the necessary meals aboard and that’s where AI comes in. Thanks to the design of a ML algorithm we can predict quite accurately the amount of fresh food for each flight. Result? Less waste, which generates an incredible cost reduction and a positive impact on our ecological footprint.


Benjamin Pierre, Junior BI consultant

Benjamin has obtained a bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering. He works as a Junior Business Intelligence Consultant at LACO with an interrest in A.I. and Machine Learning. In his spare time he is a hockey goalkeeper at Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles and a former member of the U21 Belgium National Team.

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