Red vs Blue teaming

Short Description

Breaking into computer systems is not like smashing a window in a car. To hack into a computer, vulnerabilities are needed. This is an error in which a computer reacts differently than foreseen. This enables a hacker to steal data, install malware, or take over a system. Since companies are taking measures to deal with this, hackers need to be more creative. New holes that are found need to be closed in new ways. This creates a game of cat and mouse between attackers and defenders, the red and blue team. In this session, we explain by using real examples, how attackers can invade companies, but also how companies can defend themselves.

Preparation before the start of the workshop:
1. install Kali (20 minutes setup time)
2. install metasploitable 2 using this link

Hook them up to the same virtual switch (should be the case by default), which enables you to hack the metasploitable machine from Kali. Test if you can ping back and forth from the Kali to the metasploitable.

Sander Vanrapenbusch (Security Factory) has years of experience in hacking techniques. He hacked into companies, governments, multinationals, etc as a pentester. Last year, he found a severe vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook (CVE-2019-1105) and received acknowledgement from Microsoft. Today, his focus shifted from the offensive to the defensive side. He now helps his customers in obtaining a high security maturity to become more resilient against cyber-attacks.

Contribution fee
Students Business School Thomas More: via semestrial contribution 30€

Date & starting hour | 2 March 2020, receiving 15:15 - start seminar 15:30 - expected end hour 19:30
Language | English
Location | Thomas More, Campus De Vest, Zandpoortvest 60, 2800 Mechelen - C1.13
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