Admission Requirements for International Students

Our application process is really straightforward.
You will only need to meet 3 simple requirements:

  1. Secondary education diploma
  2. English Language Certificate (B2)
  3. Passport/ID card or residence permit

Some more good news! Thomas More has no numerus clausus procedure, nor do we have a limit on the number of admitted students.

1. Diploma Conditions

You want to enrol for a full degree (3 years)

You will need to prove that you meet the conditions to start an equivalent course programme in higher education in the country where you obtained your diploma. Please note that candidates with a diploma obtained in a non-EEA member state may be set additional requirements.  If this is the case our admission services will contact you.

Even if you haven't obtained your secondary school diploma yet, you can already submit the application and send us your diplome once it is ready!

Find a list of exemplary diplomas here. Do note that this list does not guarantee admission and is not exhaustive in any way. It is simply meant to help you determine whether or not your diploma meets our requirements. Can't find your diploma on the list? No worries, diplomas that are not listed will be assessed individually.

You want to enrol for an abbreviated/one year/short programme

Please check if you meet the additional specific requirements as listed below.

You want to enrol for a postgraduate programme

Please check if you meet the additional specific requirements as listed below.

2. Language Conditions

English Language Conditions for all English-taught Degree Programmes

You can prove you are reasonably proficient at speaking and writing English (level B2, European Framework), if you:

3. Residence Permit

An identity card or passport is sufficient for students from an EU-member state.
Other students can apply, but will need a valid residence permit for Belgium before the final registration.


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