Where and how do you have classes this year?

Thomas More started the academic year in code yellow with a sophisticated combination of online and 'on campus'. This start-up phase was crucial because it allowed lecturers and students to meet each other live. Unfortunately, from Monday 19 October onwards, we will have to adapt our organisation to code orange on all of Thomas More's campuses and teaching places. With this decision we want to do our bit to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The courses are safe, but the circulation on campus, the commuting and the social contacts between classes are risky. With code orange, live contacts on campus remain possible but are more limited. You follow the theoretical classes mainly online. Labs, skills labs and practical classes will continue on campus as much as possible.

A well-balanced mix of online and on campus learning

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What colour code does Thomas More apply?

The latest updates on the colour code and measures for the organization of education can be checked here.

I’m a student or staff member. Where can I find the latest updates about the COVID-19 measures?

Staff members can find all updates and information on the intranet. Students can easily find everything they need to know on the Student Portal.

Until when can I enrol?

You can enrol for a study programme up until 30 September 2020, though we recommend doing so much sooner to avoid missing out on anything important. You can even enrol after 30 September, but at that point, we can’t guarantee that you’ll still be able to register for all the courses. 

Online or on campus: you don't have to miss a thing!

  • There will be some online classes, but all students will be able to follow classes on campus.
  • We focus on activating contact moments in which you actively process the learning content. Of course the focus is also on practice and practicing techniques.
  • We will combine online and offline teaching via streaming and hybride classes:
    • we stream lessons in auditoriums or in classrooms with a mobile streaming set: if you are not on campus, you can follow the lessons via our video platform Kaltura and via chat you can ask questions to the teacher;
    • this way of hybride teaching is more than streaming. You will participate in classes via Teams Meeting or NewRow (virtual class). You can interacte with your teacher from home and ask live questions. This two-way communication works great and feels really  natural for the teacher, students in class and students at home.

Make sure you read about the requirements for laptops and software.

Is it safe on campus?

Yes. We have chosen to consistently apply the rules of social distancing in combination with wearing face masks and strict hand hygiene. This will ensure that all contacts have a low risk of infection and that you do not have to quarantine immediately if you come into contact with an infected person. Check here to find all measures necessary to prevent getting infected with the coronavirus.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

A face mask is required when you are walking around campus. As long as you are seated in your classroom or workplace at a distance of at least 1,5 meters from your fellow students, you may take off the mask. You will need to bring your own mask with you to school. The school will provide you with hand sanitizer, and in September, Thomas More will provide all students with a reusable cloth face mask. Attention: also outside, in a radius of 200 meters around the campus you have to wear a mouth mask.

Can I eat lunch on campus?

The student restaurants are open from 19/10 onwards but only for take-away meals.  Arrangements may vary from campus to campus.

Are the learning centres open, and can I study on campus?

The learning centres will close at code orange. You can still study there, but you have to reserve a place in advance. 

Can I stay in a student room?

Maybe you’re not sure if you still want to live in a student room because you will come to campus less than in 'normal' times. However, if you live far away from campus and want to avoid inconvenient travel, a student room is still a good idea. But of course, a student room is more than just a place to stay. It’s also the beginning of your independent life, giving you the chance to stand on your own two feet, cook your own meals and experience life as a student. You can easily start your search online using our housing database.

Will I still be able to experience student life?

Of course! Our Student Services (Stuvo) will certainly plan (safe) activities. Also, check Stuvo's Instagram page and your campus Facebook page for all updates: Campus Antwerpen, De Nayer, Geel, Lier, Mechelen, Turnhout or Vorselaar.

Where can I go with all my other questions?

As an international student, you can count on our International Office! For everything that has to do with your student life, and not directly with your study programme, you can also contact our Stuvo staff. For questions about student life and help with studying or personal problems, Stuvo will continue to be available online for video calls, chats or telephone calls. From September onwards, they will also be someone regularly available on campus.