Laptops and software

A computer is a necessary support for your studies. You can access the digital learning environment with it, follow online lessons, do exercises… This is why we advise you to foresee a good computer and software for the start of your new academic year.


In some degree programmes it is mandatory to use your own laptop. Depending  on your degree programme you will need a laptop with specific hardware requirements, so that the software you will use during your studies runs efficiently. Check here if your degree programme has specific computer requirements. 

Do you have a laptop? Great! You don’t necessarily need to buy a new one, but make sure to check in advance if your laptop complies with the specific hardware requirements of your degree programme. You will find this info in the link above.

What should my laptop be able to do? If your computer is working well at the moment during video conferences (Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom…), you will probably be able to join correctly during online classes. 

Does your laptop not comply with the requirements or are you planning to get a new one? Feel free to read the tips & tricks of our IT-team. If you want, you can make use of the offer we have at the Academic Shop. Here you will be able to buy a laptop that complies with the requirements of your degree programme. This has some advantages:

  • You are sure that all the software you need for your studies will work on this device during your whole study-period.
  • If your laptop breaks, then you can count on a fast service and, if possible, you will get a replacement laptop the next working day.
  • All devices have a 3-year warranty.  

Renting a device is also possible at Academic Shop. All information and details per device can be found here.

Software and software support 

Once you are enrolled, you will get access to the software platform of Academic Software. Here you will not only find all kinds of useful software tools you can use for your degree programme, but you will also get technical support on the phone during the installation and activation of the software. All students get access to this bundle and pay € 24 for it during academic year 2022-2023.

Some degree programmes have expanded their set of software tools and that is why the price is a bit higher. You can find more information regarding this topic on the student portal.