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Tuition fees 2019-2020

All Belgian or at Thomas More graduated students pay a total enrolment fee of € 1,877.6 for a full year programme of 60 credits. Students from a joint diploma partner institution pay the same enrolment fee as Belgian students.

All students from an EEA-member pay a total enrolment fee of € 2,816.4 for a full year programme of 60 credits.

For non-EEA-member candidates the enrolment fee is € 3,755.2 for a full year programme of 60 credits.


The Interior, Design & Architecture department offers an ID&A-assistant job of 20 days (8 hours)/year (=+- € 1877) to two postgraduate students in Space & Service Design. Only students who are residents of a VLIRUOS-country ( are eligible for this offer.

Apply with a convincing motivation letter to

Paying the tuition fee

EEA-students and students who applied with a valid residence permit for Belgium

First invoice

When you come to the campus to complete your registration, you will receive an invoice for the amount of the fixed part. You don’t have to pay anything on the spot, you transfer the amount later.  The payment of the fixed part of the tuition fee can’t be cancelled after the start of the academic year.

Second invoice *

From the end of August you compile your individual study programme (ISP) and determine how many credits you take up. Once your study programme has been approved, you will receive a second invoice for the variable part. This invoice will be sent to your Thomas More mail address. You don’t pay for course units for which you are exempt.

Non-EEA-students who applied without a valid residence permit for Belgium

First invoice

After your application has been approved you will pay the tuition fee of one semester in advance, including the fixed part and the variable part of 30 credits.

Second invoice*

If you choose a non-standard individual study programme (ISP) you will be charged for the extra credits. If you start in the autumn semester you will be charged for the variable amount of the spring semester as soon as your ISP has been approved.


  • Only transfer the tuition fee to the account number stated on the invoice
  • Always state the structured communication (e.g. +++000/0000/00000+++)

* Thomas More offers the possibility to pay the second invoice in instalments. This can be done online via a standard distribution plan.

Study and living costs

These estimates are based on research into the study and living costs by CEBUD (centre for budget advice and research), a research group linked to the Bachelor programme in social work of Thomas More. This information is provided to ensure that you are fully aware of the likely costs of your study and consider them very carefully. The likely living costs for 2019/20 published below are based on a single, full-time degree student.

Click here for more information.

Standard distribution plan

Via a standard distribution plan you can spread the payment of the variable tuition fee over a maximum of 3 terms. Click here to request a standard distribution plan.

Blocked account

Thomas More offers a blocked account procedure to prove your financial solvency when applying for (the extension of) a student visa (sufficient means of subsistence). You make an advance payment of your monthly living expenses into a blocked account managed by Thomas More. When you arrive in Belgium you open a Belgian bank account in your name into which you receive monthly payments during your studies. At the end of the academic year you are fully reimbursed, apart from €100 administrative fee.

You will receive detailed information on the procedure as soon as your application has been approved.

Request a blocked account procedure via this form.