Studying as a top (e-)athlete

Are you a top (e-)athlete? Then we’ll work out an arrangement for you to make your study obligations as compatible as possible with training and competition. This can include exam facilities (rescheduling exams), moving traineeships, a replacement assignment for permanent evaluation, a free sports card, subsidies for student championships at European championship or World Cup level ... A recognition as top (e-)athlete only applies for one academic year. You will have to renew the application annually.

Applying for facilities

1. First check whether you meet the minimum requirements

To qualify for facilities as a top athlete, you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You practise a sport at least at the level of the second highest division of your sports association
  • For sports not classified in divisions: you have been selected by your federation for a national or international event or training
  • You have been called up by Thomas More's sports coordinator to take part in a competition

2. Complete the online application form

You fill in the online application form at the latest one month before you need certain facilities.

3. The sports coordinator will contact you to discuss the file

Every application is assessed individually. Based on the application and the interview, the sports coordinator can recognise you as a top athlete. He will offer advice regarding the facilities that are useful to combine your top sport with your studies.

Bring the following documents to the meeting:

  • Recommendation letter drawn up by trainer/coach
  • Weekly training times
  • Internships
  • Matches
  • Overview of achieved titles / level / ranking
  • Future prospects

4. The programme manager decides on the allocation of facilities

The sports coordinator gives his advice to the course coordinator. The programme manager decides on the allocation of facilities and informs the student.

More information

Click here to fill in the application form. For more information: contact sports coordinator Sarah H'Madoun.