Financial information

Tuition fees 2021-2022

Postgraduate Space & Service Design

Scholarships for EEA nationals

Thomas More offers a great number of  Thomas More scholarships to Belgian students and EEA nationals each year.

  • Tuition fee with scholarship (EEA nationals): €1900/60 credits
    If you are a Belgian student interested in the Space & Service Design Programme but are not sure if you'll receive a Thomas More scholarship, reach out to Nansi Van Geetsom ( ASAP to confirm your tuition feeEEA nationals are also strongly encouraged to reach out regarding scholarship opportunities.
  • Tuition fee without scholarship (EEA nationals): €2900/60 credits

Scholarships for non-EEA nationals

  • The Interior, Design & Architecture department offers an ID&A assistant job of 20 days (8 hours)/year (=+- € 1900) to two postgraduate students in Space & Service Design. Only students who are residents of a VLIRUOS-country are eligible for this offer.  Apply with a convincing motivation letter to
  • Tuition fee without scholarship (non-EEA nationals): € 3.800/60 credits

Postgraduate International Teacher

  • EEA-nationals: € 1990/60 credits
  • Non-EEA-nationals: € 2800/60 credits (€ 3100/60 credits as from academic year 2022-2023)

Please note that travel costs and the test fee to obtain a C1 English proficiency certificate are not included.

Paying the tuition fee

EEA-students and students who applied with a valid residence permit for Belgium

You will receive an invoice for the total amount of the tuition fee. You don’t have to pay anything on the spot, you can transfer the amount later.

Non-EEA-students who applied without a valid residence permit for Belgium

After your application has been approved you will get detailed instructions on how to pay the total tuition fee. We would like to urge you to transfer the tuition fee as soon as possible. This postgraduate has a limited amount of students and we’d like to guarantee a spot for you as soon as possible.

Study and living costs

These estimates are based on research into the study and living costs by CEBUD (centre for budget advice and research), a research group linked to the Bachelor programme in social work of Thomas More. This information is provided to ensure that you are fully aware of the likely costs of your study and consider them very carefully. The likely living costs for 2019/20 published below are based on a single, full-time degree student.

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Proof of solvency (sufficient financial means)

If you need to apply for a visa in order to study in Belgium, then you will have to provide proof of solvency, also known as ‘sufficient financial means’.

The Belgian authorities want to make sure that you can support yourself while studying in Belgium. There is only one way to do this: blocked account procedure . Don’t worry, our admissions team will sent you detailed information after your application has been approved.

Blocked account procedure

Thomas More requires a blocked account procedure to prove your financial solvency when applying for (the extension of) a student visa (sufficient means of subsistence). You make an advance payment of your monthly living expenses (13 months) into a blocked account managed by Thomas More. When you arrive in Belgium you open a Belgian bank account in your name into which you receive monthly payments during your studies. You will receive a double payment (1400€) the first month to cover all extra costs such as rent deposit etc.. At the end of the academic year you are fully reimbursed, apart from €100 administrative fee.The minimum amount to cover your living expenses is 700€ per month and is set by the Belgian government.

Blocked account Fall 2021: 700€ x 13 months +100€ administrative fee = 9 200€

You will receive detailed information on the procedure as soon as your application has been approved. Be aware that the monthly amount is set by the Belgian Government and is subject to change at any given time. If any changes should occur we will notify our students.

Sponsors are not accepted as proof of financial solvability.