Refugees welcome to Thomas More

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Can I study as a refugee at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences?

Everyone is welcome to study at Thomas More, if you meet a number of conditions, including refugees and persons with a similar status.  Thomas More has a English taught courses.  The admission procedure depends on your background: do you already have a secondary education diploma or not; do you already have a higher education diploma or not?
On this page you will find the basic information. If you  have any questions: please contact

What admission requirements do I have to meet?

In brief there are 2 major requirements:

  • A secondary school diploma
  • Proficiency in English (at least level B2)

All the information can be found on our admission requirements website.
You need more information? Contact

What training can I follow?

Thomas More offers several programs in English:

How does the admission procedure work?

How you are admitted depends on which programme you want and what background you have:

  • You do not have a secondary education diploma and you want to enrol in a full programme at Thomas More; then you have to follow the special admission procedure: contact 

How much does it cost?

If you have a refugee status (or similar), the rates and modalities are the same as for Belgians or EU citizens.

Tuition fee 22/23 for refugees 

Bachelor programmes (Dutch & English) : 60 credits programme)

  • Non-bursary student: €979.6 
  • Near-bursary student: €535,6 
  • Bursary student: €115.8 

Tuition fee 23/24 for refugees

Bachelor programmes (Dutch & English) : 60 credits programme)

  • Non-bursary student: €1092,1
  • Near-bursary student: €576,1
  • Bursary student: €128,8

If you want further information on social and financial support and opportunities: please contact 

How can I best prepare?

  • Ensure a good language level.
  • Compile a strong file (with diplomas with possible translation and/or recognition, work experience, etc.)
  • English speakers can participate  in the (Englishlanguage) summer school to get to know Thomas More and Flanders better.
  • Request a guest account so that you already have access to the campus, the library ... so you can already get some feeling with Thomas More.

How can I register?

You can register here.

Any questions?