Socially Ingenious

A technological education with a social focus?logo sociaal ingenieus eng

Do you also believe that technology can change people's lives? Do you want to put your technical skills for social objectives? This can be done by choosing the path 'socially ingenious'. 

A diploma Supplement socially ingenious? What do I do to get it? To obtain the diploma supplement 'socially ingenious', you must acquire skills that demonstrate that you can make the link between social needs and technical achievements. This is done by putting a focus (social dimension) to certain courses and by attending one additional course. Three steps lead to a diploma supplement "socially ingenious".




You learn by doing, and works on technology projects for the social sector. You learn and work together with students from other programs, partially online. Intermediate - and final evaluation, but not during the exam period! You learn to communicate and co-create, perhaps abroad. You graduate with a diploma supplement "socially ingenious".

  1. You follow an extra course 'socially ingenious' (3 additional credits)

This course is designed for all participating technological minors. To give it an extra international dimension, the course language is English. It is offered druing the second semester and runs partially online. The course is structured around a number of weblectures with associated tasks. The study repersents 3 credits. Since they come on top of the regular program for the bachelor students, this implies that you will graduate with a minimum of 183 credits.
Your program offers this course in the 2nd semester of the 1st or 2nd phase. Registration for this course is valid after registration for the Diploma Supplement.

For international exchange students, the course unit is open to:

  • Bachelor students in Electronics-ICT, campus Geel 
  • Bachelor students in Electromechanics, campus Geel
  • Bachelor students in Applied Computer Science, campus Geel
  • Bachelor students in Electronics-ICT, campus De Nayer
  • Bachelor students in  Electromechanics, campus De Nayer
  • Bachelor students in Design and Production Technology – campus De Nayer 

You want to apply? Follow the application procedure.

2. You choose during the 1st or 2nd phase of your study courses that the carry the label 'socially ingenious'. 
These courses labeled 'socially ingenious" part of the normal program but they are colored with a social dimension.This means that the related projects have al social objective. You work in a team and carry out a preliminary study of a technical solution to a social problem. We think of needs from a social organisation or projects for socially vulnerable groups. 

3. Your traineeship has a clear social dimension. In working on a project, attention is also paid to the contact with the target audience: the organization or persons who will be end users.

Summarized, to qualify for the Diploma Supplement 'socially ingenious' you must register for the course 'socially ingenious', choose at least one course with the label 'socially ingenious' from the existing curriculum, choose a bachelor thesis work with a social dimension. Together these account for more than 30 credits.

Thanks to the trajectory "socially ingenious' you can enrich your technology degree with a social dimension, a slice of authentic engagement. If you choose this unique process, you become a pro with additional skills: English, social and communication skills, international contacts ... Thanks to an extra effort of 3 credit you achieve a valuable diploma supplement!

Already looking forward to it?

Look for some inspiring examples that you might be working on. 'Socially Ingenious' will also collaborate with other projects working on the same theme.

For whom?

For all students in the departments

  • Electromechanics, campus De Nayer and campus Geel
  • Electronic Engineering, Campus De Nayer and campus Geel
  • Applied Informatics, Campus Geel
  • Design and Manufacturing Technology, campus De Nayer

You can register for the Diploma Supplement 'socially ingenious' starting from 2015 to 2016. For now, the places are limited to about 10 students per department. Each department has its own specific trajectory. 


The ECTS syllabus gives you more information about learning objectives, methods and evaluation methods.

'Socially ingenious' has an international dimension. We collaborate with other European universities under Erasmus. It is therefore possible to follow the route 'socially ingenious' partly abroad.