Media and Entertainment Business

Professionele bachelor (Engels)

Location: Mechelen -Campus De Ham

Coming September 2021!


  • Are you looking for a way to share your gaming passion with a broader public?
  • How can your theatre company use other media to ‘go global’?
  • How can you make a living from your podcast? 
  • Where can you find a public for your cooking passion? 

The Media and Entertainment Business (International) programme allows you the opportunity to become the next great sensation in the ever-evolving international creative industries field! In this programme, you will learn how to turn your great passion into a viable story world that can be translated to new media and entertainment formats (mediatise). At the same time, you will explore the entrepreneur and intrapreneur skills needed to turn that passion into a viable, international business that delivers a regular paycheck (monetise) by exploiting it over multiple platforms (mediatise) to find multiple audiences (mobilise)! 

Not satisfied with just a local product? This programme takes you on an international journey exploring cultural norms that can turn you into the next great media and entertainment brand!

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Pascale Aerts
Programme Manager
John Arnold
Programme Coordinator
Jade Van Overmeir
Study Counsellor


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Practical courses
  • Personal coaching
  • Go International
  • Short programme
  • Phase 1

    Phase 1

    Dive into the International Media and Entertainment Industry landscape in the first phase of the programme. Get hands-on experience with the equipment needed to create short visual and audio projects

    Explore the foundations of the international creative industry, from business planning to media law, applying this newly discovered knowledge to form up-to-date insights and innovations

    Explore the effect that international and local culture plays on the media and creative industries by exploring real-life examples in Belgium and the Americas!

  • Phase 2

    Phase 2

    Continue to practically explore media technology evolving into virtual reality and mixed reality with hands-on experience with the latest equipment, found in our up-to-date, modern facilities, which serve as an immersive hub of new media technology. 

    Learn how local and international media professionals have turned their passions into a regular paycheck across multiple platforms while exploring and expanding your passion. Turn that into a viable product with advice from global experts via our Passion Seminars and Passion Project, our practical capstone modules

    Use modern business techniques to mine data and apply these techniques to develop valuable insights while learning how to finance and budget local and international transmedia projects.

    Learn how to move from concept to minimum viable product under the guidance of local and international coaches in our International Leisure Development course, a practical, hands-on module that incorporates national and international cultural studies via Europe and/or Australia and Asia and/or Africa!

  • Phase 3

    Phase 3

    Explore the creative industries that best enhance your passion: Gaming, Sport, Music, TV/Film, Theatrical/Dance via our Creative Industries Seminars OR find an Erasmus Study Exchange programme that will allow you to specialise in a different creative industry, including Fashion and Leisure. 

    In our entrepreneur/intrapreneur module – START-UP STUDIO – explore, under the guidance of local and international advisors/consultants, methods for developing your international transmedia passion project into a viable business plan and pitch that is ready to present to possible business angels (investors)! 

    End your bachelor's programme with a national or international INTERNSHIP, allowing you to explore first-hand the nature of the International Media and Entertainment Business landscape! 

  • Practical courses

    Practical courses

    All the modules in the International Media and Entertainment Business programme are designed to focus on the application of theory into practice, with a team of expert educators and practitioners. The modules include integrated, project-based assessments based on real-world challenges within the international MEB sector. 

    Designated modules are labelled as capstone courses: courses that demonstrate that students have mastered and applied the learning outcomes of the programme in a real-world, authentic situation. These manifest in our practical ‘lab’ courses: Transmedia Production (phase 1), Passion Projects & International Leisure Development (phase 2) and Start-Up Studio (phase 3). These capstone courses are paired with Seminars, which focus on the first-hand knowledge and experience of national and international media professionals

    The national or international MEB internship can be completed in semester 6 (preferably) or semester 5. We will guide students to media and entertainment companies that can enhance their skills and knowledge while providing practical, real-world experience! 

  • Personal coaching

    Personal coaching

    Thomas More offers various support services (STUVO, International Support). In addition, if you sign-up for our Pro Media Lab services, you will have access to the latest equipment used in the media and transmedia production field. 

    All of our modules come with additional academic support in the form of Writing/Presentation specialists who can coach and tutor you through the nuances of the languages utilised in both written and oral communication. Every module is taught by a team of educational and professional experts that not only teach but also coach you through the process of becoming the best possible media professional! 

    In keeping up with the latest advancements in media technology, the Media and Entertainment Business (International) programme will use a variety of educational methodologies, including face-to-face, blended learning, and online learning, allowing students to learn in a manner suitable to them. 

  • Go International

    Go International

    All modules in this programme include a high level of internationalisation by infusing each integrated module with international competencies and international content. The modules are aligned with a week-long CHALLENGE WEEK in each semester in which an international focus is explored: Belgium & the Americas (phase 1), Europe and/or Australia & Asia and/or Africa (phase 2), Global focus based on individual preferences (phase 3). 

    In addition, students may opt to participate in a semester-long Erasmus study exchange in Semester 5 or participate in various International Interactive Experiences, beginning with trips to NYC and/or Beijing/Shanghai. 

    You may design your own international experience with our Short Mobility elective in semester 4, and you can continue your international experiences with an international internship or a national internship within an internationally-focused Belgian media or entertainment company. In addition, our staff consists of full-time, part-time and guest lecturers from all over the world, bringing that international flair directly to Mechelen!

  • Short programme

    Short programme

    Do you already have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in Business (any field) or Media (Communication, Journalism)? Then check out our short Media and Entertainment Business Programme to enhance and empower your present degree!

    If you have a different degree, consult the course coordinator and the study counsellor to see how you can enhance and empower your degree!


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 1

    Phase 1

    Semester 1

    • Media Theory
    • Media Technology I
    • Media & Entertainment Industry Landscape
    • Start to write/present
    • Intercultural Insights
    • Foreign Language Elective

    Semester 2

    • Media Technology II
    • Transmedia Production
    • International & European Media Law
    • Creative Business Planning
    • Creative Innovation
    • Foreign Language Elective
    • Interactive NYC Media Experience (elective)
  • Phase 2

    Phase 2

    Semester 1

    • Media Technology III
    • Media & Entertainment Business Intelligence, Analysis & Insights
    • International Marketing for Creative Businesses
    • Passion Seminars
    • Passion Projects

    Semester 2

    • Media Technology IV
    • Crossing Borders: Trading Media Formats
    • Financing & Budgeting
    • International Leisure Development
    • Interactive Chinese Business Experience (elective)
    • Short Mobility (elective)
  • Phase 3

    Phase 3

    Semester 1

    • Start-Up Studio
    • Moving On…Preparing for further studies (elective)
    • Moving On…Preparing to work (elective)
    • Creative Industries Seminar: Gaming (elective)
    • Creative Industries Seminar: Sport (elective)
    • Creative Industries Seminar: Music (elective)
    • Creative Industries Seminar: TV/Film (elective)
    • Creative Industries Seminar: Theatrical/Dance
    • Study Exchange (optional choice)

    Semester 2

    • Internship & Graduation portfolio

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Why choose Media and Entertainment Business


Pro Media Lab

The Pro Media Lab offers students the opportunity to use the latest equipment for media and transmedia production. Signing up for this service allows the student access to photographic, video, audio and virtual reality equipment to produce prototypes of products throughout the programme. 


International Interactive Experiences

Explore the vast world of International Media and Entertainment Business via our hands-on exploration of the landscape in New York City, Paris, Beijing and Shanghai. These experiences allow you to see how different cultures interact with and explore the creative industries.


Exploring the world's content markets!

Throughout the year, various content markets explore the latest trends in digital media. These events are MUST-DOs for Media and Entertainment Business students. You can join other students and teachers as they attend, participate and share their experiences from these world trade fairs!

After Graduation

  • Ready for the job
  • Extra study
  • Ready for the job

    Ready for the job

    Many students with this bachelor’s degree begin their career as a production assistant. Production Assistants, a job which offers multiple paths for advancement, are available in any of the creative industries. From there, one can move up the ladder and enter into development and production.

    Other students may choose to begin their own Start-Up company, advancing their entrepreneurial spirit by monetising and mobilising their passion! Some students choose to do this by going to work for a large media company and then exploring their intrapreneurial spirit within that company.

    In short, the paths to career success are endless and await your creative solutions!

  • Extra study

    Extra study

    Second bachelor (via short programme)



    Master (outside Belgium)

    • Master of Media Innovation (Netherlands)
    • Master of Imagineering (Netherlands)

    •    Master of Media Studies (Canada)
    •    Master of Emerging Media Studies (United States)
    •    Master of Visualisation, Simulation & Immersive Design (Australia)

    Master (via bridge year/inside Belgium)

    • Master of Communicatiewetenschappen

Facilities and student support

A team of professionals gives advice, guides, helps and assists students. In addition to training courses, Thomas More offers a whole range of student facilities. Discover how we can help you.

Sam Shennan

Alumni (2020 Graduate) | International student from Australia

I chose Thomas More for the courses on offer. I have not seen anything so practical like this before and so useful to an entrepreneur like myself…The kind of skills my new studies will grant me overtime will be the latest insights into the entertainment industry, which is a new world for me. I think the growth hacking skills are going to be useful for my online sales and I’m already pleased with the concept development skills we’ve been honing for pitches. On top of pitching skills, we’ve been learning persuasive writing, storytelling and public speaking, which will all reap me considerable rewards in the future of my work.

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