Information for students

Being in college is so much more than spending time behind your books. Our services will help you with all issues not related to your programme; finding student housing, financial information, study help and much more!

Facilities and student support

A team of professionals gives advice, guides, helps and assists students. In addition to training courses, Thomas More offers a whole range of student facilities. Discover how we can help you.

Arrival days & welcome days

Get to know your fellow students, campus and study programme before classes start. The Welcome Days are the ideal combination of relaxing activities and very useful information sessions.

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Student housing

Living in student housing is quite an exciting step. It may take some time getting used to it at first, but after a while, your student accommodation will feel like your second home and you will have a great time there!

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Coaching and support

Do you have a question, concern or problem? Our lecturers, internship supervisors, tutors and academic advisors are here to help make your college career a success.

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Student life

Your student days are the best days of your life … But also a new and exciting start, right? Don’t worry, we are very happy to guide you!

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Laptops & software

A computer is a necessary support for your studies. You can access the digital learning environment with it, follow online lessons, do exercises… This is why we advise you to foresee a good computer and software for the start of your new academic year.

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Your voice counts

Do you want to be actively involved in and get more out of college life? Do you have ideas about how to improve the atmosphere on our campuses, catering options or help shape the education offered? 

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Everyone is welcome at our libraries or learning centres. People who are not students or lecturers at the college may also consult the collection, use copying facilities and find a quiet place to work.

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Thomas More is a Catholic dialogue school. We welcome everyone, regardless of ideological or religious background, we invite students, parents, staff and governors to help build a warm, open college. #wearemore

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Studies tailored to your needs

To guarantee equal opportunities for successful studies to everyone, some students can get facilities for their classes, internships and exams. Students who are top athletes, students with a disability, artists and student entrepreneurs come into consideration. We assess the specific needs and check what is possible for each individual student. The procedure and conditions vary depending on the reason why you apply for a facility.


Click here if you want to discontinue your studies.

Student portal

Are you a student at Thomas More? Then the student portal is your place to be! You can go there for questions about your studies or your campus, to report a problem with IT or infrastructure, to find numerous useful links, to launch great ideas ... Or to just check what the resto serves today! We hope it tastes well!