Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Coronavirus

What colour code does Thomas More apply?

The latest updates on the colour code and measures for the organization of education can be checked here.

How does Thomas More handle this situation? How do we ensure that staff and students are sufficiently informed?

Coordination and follow-up
At the start of the spread of the virus, Thomas More put together a coordination team. This team closely monitors the situation and examines what measures the university of applied sciences should or should not take. In doing so, the team relies on the guidelines of the World Health Organisation, the Belgian government and the experts in the field.

The team consists of policy officers and staff from the Safety, Health and Environment Department, the Personnel Department, Student Affairs and the Communication Department. Experts from our association partner KU Leuven provide daily advice. If necessary, the team is expanded with experts from the International Office department.

Information and communication
We inform the college community through this website, which is updated regularly, and by email when necessary. Staff and students can also contact us at with their questions and concerns. The coordination team monitors this mailbox on a daily basis.

What is Thomas More doing to help prevent the spread of the Corona virus as much as possible?

As the largest university of applied sciences in Flanders, Thomas More has a big responsibility, not only towards its more than 19,000 students, 1900 employees and their families, but also towards the society as a whole. Because of this, we will take the necessary measures to help contain the spread of the corona virus as much as possible. We will evaluate these measures on a weekly basis. You can find the latest update on this page.

I’m doing an internship in a company or organization. What precautionary measures should I take?

You can no longer travel physically to your internship or work placement. Together with the company or institution, you should look for a solution to complete your work from home, via a computer. If it is impossible to work from home, then please contact your internship or work placement coordinator, who will try to find an alternative solution, so that you can continue your learning process as much as possible.

  • Exceptions:
    • Internships in nursing and midwifery will continue under the strict conditions as communicated to the students yesterday.
    • Some internships abroad can continue according to the rules of the host country, but only in consultation with the international office.