International Communication and Media Short Programme

International Communication and Media Short Programme (English)

Location: Belgium - Mechelen -Campus De Ham

Do you want to become an international communication manager? And do you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the field of marketing, communication or journalism? Then we have great news!

Enroll for our new one-year programme in International Communication and Media and graduate as a full-blown international communication expert. 

You can specialize in one of the two tracks:

Each track offers a combination of expert classes, media skills, and real-world pitches in SCRUM teams. During your internship you develop your professional communication skills and acquire job focus.

All courses are taught in English. Come join students from all over the world and enroll today.

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Inge Jamaels
Programme Coordinator
For all your questions about the programme.
Contact our admissions team.
Mon - Fri: 9.00-15.00 (BXL Time)


Expert Classes and expert skills

Ready for real communication & business challenges? Get insights from the best experts in the trade and work on real assignments for international companies in our ‘Expert Classes’. Develop your creative and practical skills in graphic design, video editing, web content, and more.

Internship XL

Practice makes perfect. That’s why we have upgraded our internship to 15 full-blown weeks. Your chances of getting that exciting, international career get a well-deserved boost.

What are the job opportunities?

At the end of the programme you’re on track for an international career in communication and media. You can start working at a communication agency, a multinational company, an international institution, a worldwide non-profit organization, in international diplomacy, in the culture, media, fashion or sports industry, ... .


  • Your schedule
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Internship
  • Diploma requirements
  • Your schedule

    During this one-year programme you develop, implement and evaluate creative and effective communication strategies. You will do so in heterogeneous, multidisciplinary and international teams.

    The first semester consists of 13 course weeks, including a pitch for an international client. You will attend lectures, labs, training sessions and workshops. All of these are taught by professionals, each of them are authorities in their field.

    In the second semester you will complete an (international) internship in an international organization or agency abroad or in Belgium.

  • Practice makes perfect

    In this short programme, you will take all of the courses in English, together with a group of international students.

    You will be taught by faculty staff as well as by international professionals. This is an excellent opportunity to expand your international network.

  • Internship

    During you internship you acquire a detailed understanding of the communication specialist’s profession. You get to prove your communication skills in a challenging, real-life context. We offer a wide variety of internship positions, both in Belgium and across the globe, so you can jump-start your international career.

  • Diploma requirements

    In addition to the general admission requirements for English bachelor programmes, these are the specific diploma requirements for the abbreviated/one year degree :

    • Ba/Ma in Communication
    • Ba/Ma in Media & Entertainment Business
    • Ba/MA in Marketing
    • Ba/Ma in Media Technology or Creation
    • Ba/Ma in Journalism
    • Ba/Ma in Interactive Media Design

    Additional evaluation by study counsellor based on Earlier Obtained Qualifications (EOQ) and Earlier Obtained Credits (EOC) for students with at least 120 ECTS-credits (exempted EOQ), proving experience/expertise/competence in:

    • Ba/Ma in Tourism
    • Ba/Ma in Business and Society
    • Ba/Ma in Languages
    • Ba/Ma in Creation
    • Ba/Ma in Communication skills


  • Courses
  • Courses

    Track Branding & Activation

    Strategy & Planning

    • Communication & Media Strategy (3 ECTS)
    • Expert Classes Branding & Activation (3 ECTS)
    • Expert Classes Communication Technology (3 ECTS)

    Concept & Creation

    • Graphic Design Print & Web (3 ECTS)
    • Expert Skills Graphic Design (3 ECTS)
    • Expert Skills  Branding & Activation (3 ECTS)

    Business & Society

    • Digital Media Management (3 ECTS)
    • Test Bench New Technology (3 ECTS)

    Communication Skills

    • Writing & Presentation Skills (3 ECTS)


    • International Pitch Branding & Activation (6 ECTS)

    Electives (3 ECTS)

    choose 1 course of 3 ECTS

    Package International Profiling

    • Survival Dutch
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Professional French
    • Professional English

    Package Personal Profiling

    • Public Speaking
    • Media and diversity
    • Regional and Citymarketing
    • Societal and Consumer Trends
    • Ethical Managerial Problem-Solving

    Package Free Study Space

    @ WORK

    International Internship Branding & Activation (30 ECTS)

    Track Public and Corporate Affairs

    Strategy & Planning

    • Communication & Media Strategy (3 ECTS)
    • Expert Classes: Public and Corporate Affairs (3 ECTS)
    • Expert Classes Communication Technology (3 ECTS)

    Concept & Creation

    • Graphic Design Print & Web (3 ECTS)
    • Expert skills Graphic Design (3 ECTS)
    • Expert skills Public and Corporate Affairs (3 ECTS)

    Business & Society

    • Digital Media Management (3 ECTS)
    • Test Bench New Technology (3 ECTS)


    • International Pitch Public & Corporate Affairs (6 ECTS)

    Communication skills

    • Writing and presentation skills (3 ECTS)

    Electives (3 ECTS)

    Package International Profiling

    • Survival Dutch 
    • EU Business Topics
    • French
    • Spanish

    Package personal profiling

    • Public speaking
    • Film and Media Genres
    • International Playground

    @ Work

    • International Internship Public & Corporate Affairs (30 ECTS)

    Take a look in the programme guide for more details.

    After Graduation

    • Working in Belgium
    • Working in Belgium

      Search Year

      International students can now apply for a new residence permit status upon graduation so they can extend their stay in Belgium up to 12 months to find work! Eager to launch your career in Belgium after your studies? No sweat! We’re here to help you navigate the Search Year application process. 

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