Branding & Activation

Specialisation track of the bachelor International Communication and Media

Location: Mechelen -Campus De Ham

Brands are amazing things. They can appeal to us, connect with us, move us. Brand stories can resonate with specific target audiences or even with entire generations. And you can be the communication professional helping brands to reach out to audiences worldwide.  

Within the programme ‘International Communication and Media’ you can choose in your final year between two specialization tracks. If you recognize yourself in a few of the things below and aspire to become most of them, the specialization ‘Branding & Activation’ is just the thing for you. 

  • You try to understand the DNA of every brand you come across. You translate brand identities into compelling communication strategies.
  • You develop a wide range of practical media skills such as graphic design, video editing, content creation, and producing web stories.
  • You learn the lingo of strategists, designers, copywriters, photographers, digital creatives and audiovisual producers, allowing you to feel at ease in multidisciplinary teams.
  • You have great people skills and understand group dynamics. This way you make sure that creative processes run smoothly and according to plan.
  • You appreciate the power of teamwork in building brands and learn to be articulate about what you can bring to the table.
  • You gain people's trust quickly and put that trust to work in real-life situations such as client briefings or in meetings during your internship.
  • You combine compelling arguments based on solid research with the best storytelling techniques to pitch your brilliant concepts and wild creative ideas to clients worldwide.
  • You have the natural flair of a brand ambassador and can enthuse others.

You are trained in all of the above. As every person is a unique constellation of talents, opportunities and challenges, the programme allows you to add your own accents. Deeper specialization based on personal interest is possible in the electives, project-based labs, international projects and during your internship.

All our courses are taught in English. Students study and work in an all-English environment. Come join students from all over the world in Belgium, the heart of Europe. Enroll now.

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Inge Jamaels
Programme Coordinator
Lieven Van Hoe
Study Counsellor


  • New and unique in Flanders!
  • Internship
  • Personal Coaching
  • Go International
  • Short programme
  • New and unique in Flanders!

    New and unique in Flanders!

    International advantage

    International Communication and Media gives you the advantage of studying in an international environment. This programme is three years long and filled to the brim with international and intercultural experiences. In the first year you will work in international teams; in the second year you will participate in the Erasmus exchange programme; in your third year you will complete a rewarding internship abroad or in an international company or institution in Belgium. All three phases prepare you for a successful international career.

    Make friends from around the world

    You will be studying with people from all over the world, giving you the opportunity to build an international network. For the rest of your life, you will be visiting friends in every corner of the globe.

    Also available in Dutch 

    Are you interested in communication and media but unsure if you can complete the course in English? No worries, we also have a Dutch taught programme. You can make the switch from English to Dutch anytime.

  • Internship


    Practice makes perfect! You complete an internship abroad or in an international organization, institution or agency located in Belgium. We offer a wide variety of internship positions, both in Belgium and across the globe. 

    Most internships for the track ‘Branding & Activation’ run between February and June. Moreover, you can choose to add a Summer Internship after your first or second year.

  • Personal Coaching

    Personal Coaching

    Your lecturers will coach you in their specific field of expertise. But there’s more. They are aware of the challenges you face, and they provide you with tools to sharpen your focus. They train you to rise to the occasion and achieve under pressure. And, they challenge you to reflect on your professional goals so you, and only you, choose where and how you want to create an impact.

    Lieven, your dedicated student coach, is ready to take all of your questions. He offers study advice, assists you while you outline your personal study programme, and makes time to discuss personal issues.
    Have you already obtained a bachelor or master?  Then you might apply for exemptions. Or do you just want more information about your track? Contact Lieven Van Hoe today!

  • Go International

    Go International

    First phase 

    Participate in international conferences, fairs and communication projects.

    Second phase 

    You study for one semester at one of our European partner colleges throughout the exchange programme.

    Third phase

    You complete an internship abroad. Choose your continent yourself: Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Oceania. In Belgium, there are also many opportunities at international companies and agencies.

  • Short programme

    Short programme

    Do you already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, communication or journalism? Take our one-year programme in International Communication and Media and graduate as a full-blown international communication expert. Do you have another diploma? Contact our study counsellor Lieven Van Hoe.


  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 1

    Phase 1

    Strategy & Planning

    • Communication Theory (6 ECTS)
    • Globalisation & International Marketing (3 ECTS)
    • Regional and Citymarketing (3 ECTS)
    • Film & Media Genres (3 ECTS)

    International Business & Society

    • World Economics (3 ECTS)
    • Psychology (3 ECTS)
    • Innovation & Communication (3 ECTS)
    • Intercultural Communication (3 ECTS)

    Concept & Creation

    • Visual Design (3 ECTS)
    • Digital Lab  (5 ECTS)
    • Video Production 1  (3 ECTS)


    • Introduction to ICM (6 ECTS)
    • Inspiration Lab (7 ECTS)

    Electives (3 ECTS)

      • Electives | Language courses
        • Spanish, French or other foreign language  
      • Electives | Package international profiling
        • International Project 2 
        • Survival Dutch 
        • Short Summer Internship  
      • Package personal profiling
        • Writing and presenting skills 
        • Public Speaking 

        Take a look in the programme guide for more details.

      • Phase 2

        Phase 2

        Strategy & Planning

        • Communication & Media Strategy (3 ECTS)
        • Online Tools (3 ECTS)

        International Business & Society

        • Research Methods (4 ECTS)

        Concept & Creation

        • Mobile and Social Media storytelling (3 ECTS)
        • Graphic Design Print & Web (3 ECTS)
        • Videoproduction 2 

        Communication skills

        • Copywriting (3 ECTS)


        • Communication Challenge (6 ECTS)

        Study Exchange (29 ECTS)

        • Minor Media Experience (30 ECTS)

        Electives (3 ECTS)

          Electives | Package international profiling

          • International Project 2 
          • Survival Dutch 

          Package personal profiling

          • Media and diversity 

          Electives | Language courses

          • Spanish, French or other foreign language 

          Take a look in the programme guide for more details.

        • Phase 3

          Phase 3

          Strategy & Planning

          • Expert Classes Branding & Activation (3 ECTS)
          • Expert Classes Communication Technology (3 ECTS)

          Concept & Creation

          • Expert skills  Graphic Design (3 ECTS)
          • Expert skills Branding & Activation (3 ECTS)

          Business & Society

          • Digital Media Management (3 ECTS)
          • Test Bench New Technology (3 ECTS)

          Communication skills

          • Writing and presentation skills (3 ECTS)


          • International Pitch Branding & Activation (6 ECTS)

          Electives (3 ECTS)

          Elective (1)
          choose 1 course of 3 ECTS

          Package International Profiling

          • Survival Dutch 
          • Intercultural Communication 
          • Professional French
          • Professional English 

          Package personal profiling

          • Public Speaking
          • Media & Diversity 
          • Ethical managerial problem-solving 
          • Regional and City Marketing
          • Societal and Consumer Trends

          @ work

          International Internship Branding & Activation (30 ECTS)

          Take a look in the programme guide for more details.

        Why choose Branding & Activation



        Time for the real stuff! Together with your team you go to work for a real client who expects a creative answer from you. Note: well-founded research and the right target audience are crucial. But act fast, because other teams also want to take home that one trophy


        Internship XL

        Communication hero and ready for a future in brand communication? Then, in your third phase, you do a 15 week internship at an advertising agency, an advertiser, a media or production company. You will learn all the tricks of the trade. Your chances of getting that exciting, international career get a well-deserved boost.


        Go international

        Not only your internship can have that international flavour. Your lessons will be in English too and you’ll have many opportunities to go abroad. Thinking of networking in Barcelona, Edinburgh or London? Join in!

        After Graduation

        • Ready for the job
        • Extra study
        • Ready for the job

          Ready for the job

          Ready for the job?

          Thanks to our hands-on masterclasses, projects where you work for real clients and your internship, you will quickly establish a professional network. That network will make it easier for you to start your dream job.

          Which job do you prefer?

          We’ve consulted former students and asked them about their awesome jobs. Our alumni-survey indicates many of them started working as junior account manager, project manager, commercial advisor, consultant, copywriter, content ninja, digital planner, digital creative, e-commerce manager, concept creator or visual creative.

          Others let us know they are working as international communication manager, media planner, strategic planner, research assistant, sales representative or social media manager. The list seems endless. Which job would you prefer?


          Many skills you pick up during your time at Thomas More will serve you for the rest of your life. You have access to widely used software and get to play around with the newest technology. Also, we encourage you to keep track of new evolutions — as you are studying, but long afterward, too. That will make you the ultimate, futureproof communication specialist.

        • Extra study

          Extra study

          Still want to continue studying? This bachelor programme offers you a strong preparation for a postgraduate, a banaba or for a master's degree.

          Extra bachelor in 1 year



          • Communication Science

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