International Business Management

Professionele bachelor (Engels)

The world within your reach

At Thomas More, you won’t spend all your time in the classroom. Instead, you’ll take part in exciting projects both at home and abroad. Use Thomas More’s database, along with your professional network, to find a study exchange or internship in another country, giving you an extra leg up if you want to work internationally later on.

The degree speaks for itself. Choosing an English bachelor’s degree gives you the chance to learn from enthusiastic teachers with a mastery of the English language. Become an expert in your field while continuously improving your English, adding an essential skillset to your CV.

But there’s more. Look around you. You have the unique opportunity to study and live together with fellow students from around the world. Encounter diverse cultural backgrounds, learn from each other and turn common interests into innovative projects. Your Facebook and LinkedIn will be distinctly multicultural, and that’s true wealth. Hoping to land your dream job? You can bet on yes!

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