Automotive Technology

Professional bachelor (English)

Location: De Nayer -Campus De Nayer

Questions about Fall 2020 semester (Covid-19)?
No worries, we've got you covered!

  • You have a general interest in cars, heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles or motorsports?
  • You are constantly trailing the automotive world’s latest news?
  • You are keen on finding solutions for electronical and mechanical faults and you like to diagnose automotive systems?
  • You want to learn everything about internal combustion engines and all the current and future alternative drivetrain systems?
  • Choose one of our specialization tracks and become a professional in the world of Trucks, Motorcycles or Motorsports.
  • We train you to become a future proof automotive specialist with an emphasis on the latest diagnosis techniques, new trending technologies and management skills.

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Wouter Lutin
Programme Manager
Nadia Van Puyenbroeck
Study Advisor, Care Coordinator
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  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • In practice
  • Personal mentoring
  • Go international
  • Phase 1

    During the first phase of the program we will focus on the basics of automotive technology. In the autumn semester you will get to know all the different types of drivetrain and transmission configurations and in the spring semester we will give you an indept look into how internal combustion engines work and how to diagnose them. During the Autolab sessions you will get experience in servicing and general maintenance. 

    During our electricity courses you will start to learn how sensors and the onboard electrical systems are structured. You will start to adopt a problem solving attitude towards electronical faults and system failures. 

    Apart from the specific automotive topics, you will also get a broad basis of applied sciences throughout both semesters.

    Every theoretical course is put into practice during laboratory sessions in our Automotive Technology Centre, where you will work on a wide range of vehicles and put your diagnosis skills to the test.

  • Phase 2

    In the second phase of the program we will extend your knowledge of vehicle networks and onboard communication systems. In order to make you a future proof professional, we teach you how to work on electric and hybrid cars and to use the appropriate diagnosis tools.

    On the mechanical side of the vehicle we will focus on alternative fuel systems such as Hydrogen and compressed natural gas. During the engine management classes you will tune an engine on our engine test bench to get the best compromise between efficiency and performance.  In suspension and steering you will get to know the possible configurations and their influence on the vehicle dynamics. 

    You can start to specialize in one of three automotive related industries by choosing one of our specialization tracks: Motorsport Engineering, Motorcycles and Motorbikes, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Trucks. This way we introduce you in these subsectors of the automotive industry.

    In the first semester you will complete an In-company internship at an automotive dealership in which you will fulfill several roles to get to know all aspects such as the service, management, sales, parts and warehousing ... .

  • Phase 3

    In your final year you will apply your knowledge of networks and in-vehicle communication to autonomous vehicles. 
    During automotive testing you will learn how to dyno test a vehicle on our dynamometer test bench and to interpret the results of emission and performance tests.
    We will sharpen your management skills and you will continue to specialize in one of the eligible tracks in which you enrolled during the second phase of the program.

    During the first semester we organize an automotive experience tour alongside the biggest European car manufactures. We travel through Germany, Italy and France to introduce you to the factories and automotive heritage of brands such as Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

    Before graduating as a future proof Bachelor in Automotive Technology, you will have to conduct a bachelor thesis or participate in our Master Technician program. During the final semester of your program you will work on a specific topic in collaboration with an automotive company or within our research and development team. In the end, proving your problem solving skills to a jury of automotive specialists. If you are looking for an extra challenge, you can participate in our Formula Student team.

  • In practice

    Throughout the practical laboratories you will get a general understanding of all mechanical and electronical vehicle systems. You will apply what you have learned during the theoretical classes to the available vehicles and installations in our Automotive Technology Centre. Getting used to all common measurement tools is key.
    Theory and practice go hand in hand throughout the Automotive Technology program.

    Thanks to our broad scale of industry partners and contacts with local dealers and OEM manufacturers we can offer a variety of internships and traineeships and immerse you in the automotive world of tomorrow.

    Through our Master Technician program you will be able to choose to enroll in the training program of BMW or Volvo during your final semester. This way you will graduate with both the Thomas More Bachelor in Automotive Technology degree and the BMW or Volvo Master technician Certificate. Doing so you will have enjoyed brand specific training throughout your automotive technology study program.

  • Personal mentoring

    Our teaching staff is easily approachable for questions during, before and after classes. They give you frequent feedback on your progress and will advise you on your future automotive career. 

    The study counsellor will guide you in working out your individual study program.

    The care coördinator will help you when you are struggling with finding the right study attitude or planning.

  • Go international

    During the second and third phase of the course you can choose to study abroad and participate in Erasmus or another study exchange program.
    Both separate courses, or your final bachelor thesis can be completed in an international context.
    You can get an international experience at one of our partner institutes in France, Protugal, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, … .

    Taking part in our Formula Student project, Formula Electric Belgium, or our Shell Eco Marathon team will allow you to enjoy the international competitions.


  • Fall 2020 Semester (Covid-19)
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Fall 2020 Semester (Covid-19)

    Already living in Belgium?
    We would love to welcome you on campus in September. We will follow the guidelines provided by the Belgian government. For the latest updates, consult

    Coming from abroad?

    • Students enrolled in the Automotive Technology programme will have the option to take their first semester courses remotely, with virtual support from lecturers, until the end of October.
    • Due to the fact that this is a professionally oriented programme with practical labs, students are strongly advised to try to be on campus as soon as possible. Registration for the first semester will not be possible after the end of October.
    • It will not be possible to take the January exams remotely
    • A February start date is possible in this programme, though students who start in February will not necessarily be able to graduate in 6 semesters. We strongly advise students to go for the September start date if at all possible. 
  • Phase 1

    Semester 1

    • Applied Mathematics
    • Automotive IT 1
    • Drivetrain Technologies
    • Electricity basics
    • Mechanics
    • Autolab 1

    Semester 2

    • Strength of materials
    • Automotive Electricity 1
    • Thermodynamics for automotive
    • Vehicle Electronics 1
    • Internal Combustion Engines
    • Hyrdaulics and Pneumatics
    • Autolab 2
  • Phase 2

    Semester 1

    • Fuel Systems and alternative fuels
    • Automotive Electricity 2
    • Vehicle Dynamics
    • In-company Internship
    • Automotive IT 2
    • Vehicle Networks

    Semester 2

    • Mechanical Automotive Systems
    • Vehicle Electronics 2
    • Engine Management
    • Materials and welding technology
    • Electric and Hybrid Drive Technologies
    • Chemical Processes
    • *Motorsport Engineering 1 
    • *Motorcycles and Motorbikes 1
    • *Heavy Duty Vehicles and Trucks 1
  • Phase 3

    Semester 1

    • Ethics and Morality
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Automotive Testing and Simulation
    • Expertise and Insurances
    • Automotive Management
    • *Motorsport Engineering 2
    • *Motorcycles and Motorbikes 2
    • *Heavy Duty Vehicles and Trucks 2

    Semester 2

    • Bachelorthesis / Internship
    • Master Technician Program

Why choose Automotive Technology


Automotive Technology Center

In our Automotive Technology Centre you will find more than 20 vehicles of different brands and a wide range of test setups such as a 4 by 4 driven dynamometer, suspension and brakes test bench and engine test benches. We also have a variety of diagnostic tools available. 


Master Technician Certificate

Most of the OEM car manufacturers require a brand specific training for you to be able to start working within a specific dealership/service centre. Through our Master Technician program you will be able to choose to follow the training program of BMW or Volvo during your final semester.


Student projects

During your Automotive Technology program you will be able to participate in our Thomas More Eco Drive Team or Formula Electric Belgium. Both are ambitious team projects in which our students build a vehicle which combines sustainable technologies with performance. You will be able to take part in the international Shell Eco Marathon competition and the Formula Student competitions throughout Europe.

After Graduation

  • Ready for the job?
  • Ready for the job?

    The automotive technology sector is currently recruiting massively both for after sales functions as well as for pure technical profiles in the workshop. As a bachelor in Automotive Technology you can start a technical career in variety of jobs:

    • Service advisor (OEM)
    • Automotive expert
    • Diagnostic specialist
    • Technical trainer OEM training programs
    • Fleet management
    • Technical assistant in automotive R&D
    • Service manager
    • Workshop manager

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