Zero stress approach

Flexibility in education means adapting to students' needs. Our courses have quickly transitioned online, so we don’t miss a beat. You can choose a start date that fits your life – begin your studies in either September or February. Any questions? Come and meet us online!

Wondering how lockdown measures might impact your Thomas More career?

No need to worry! Not only will lessons continue, but we are also constantly innovating to make sure our students get the highest-quality educational experience, even remotely. How does it work? Take a look at this creative solution in the International Communication and Media course.

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all of our students, staff and community members. If you’re looking for a study programme starting in Fall 2020, rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to offer an excellent learning environment to our students in the coming academic year. We know it’s a difficult time to make decisions about studying away from home. We are here for you! #wecare

Want to discover Thomas More, but not sure where to start?

Check out our series of live webinars to help you make your choice for higher education.

Join us for a live presentation of everything Thomas More has to offer: English programmes, study abroad opportunities, internships, student clubs, scholarships and more. Stick around for a chance to ask our live webinar host any and all questions you might have about your application, the admissions process and life as a Thomas More student. 

Need to take a language test for your application?

In light of COVID-19, Thomas More has agreed to accept certain online testing options. Check the Admission Requirements for more information.

Can't get to Belgium by September?

Not to worry! We offer a variety of solutions depending on the programme you are interested in. For some programmes, you can start your first semester through distance learning, or you can choose to start in February instead. Sound like something for you? Take a close look at the information below because these options are only available for certain programmes. 

Start remotely

If you can’t get to Belgium in time for the start of classes in September due to COVID-related situations, it may be possible for you to start your studies in Fall 2020 remotely, though this option is not available for all programmes. In certain programmes, the lecturers can support students through a variety of distance learning options. The type of distance learning can range from streamed lessons and recorded PowerPoints to online learning materials or occasional chats with your teachers. In these cases, we will do everything possible to help you and support you in your learning. Visit the webpage for your degree programme or posgraduate to see what might be possible for you.

Start in February

If you’re worried about having a student visa in time for the September start date, keep in mind that we also offer a start date in February for the following programmes:

More questions about COVID-19 and your studies?

Check this webpage for the latest updates or read our Frequently Asked Questions.
Drop us a line, or join us for an interactive virtual seminar.