Campus Kruidtuin

⚠️ The Mechelse Vesten will be redesigned with one-way traffic for cars. Coming to one of our campuses by car? Discover the most convenient way to reach the campus on this route planner (only available in Dutch).

Campus Kruidtuin

Campus Kruidtuin is an experience-oriented campus centred on education: we are training the nursery, primary and secondary education teachers of the future. The learning centre, the junior ‘fab lab’, the zwiebelbos (experiential outdoor learning environment) and the early childhood education lab are the ultimate places for students to just chill out or work (together) on projects and assignments. Thanks to our unique infrastructure, you get the chance to learn 'the trade' in a safe environment.

Mechelen is a hip and happening city, perfect for students. The campus is centrally located and at the same time very quiet, in the midst of the Kruidtuin Park and within walking distance of the shopping streets. Enjoy a cappuccino on your short walk from the train station to the campus. After your exams, have lunch in the sun and take a stroll through the shopping area. Head back to the learning centre to study, quickly drop off your books in your room and off you go for a party! In Mechelen everything is close by. #2800love, indeed!

Construction in and around Mechelen City Centre

At the beginning of October 2019, construction began on the connection from the Tangent to four major access roads in Mechelen. Safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists remains available. Car traffic will still be possible in all directions, but a slower flow of traffic will need to be taken into account.

Meanwhile, work is also continuing on the renovation of two hazardous intersections on the Mechelen ring road (R6). The renewal of the intersections with bridges (flyovers) over the Liersesteenweg (N14) and the Antwerpsesteenweg (N1) will make traffic on the Mechelen ring road safer and smoother.

Click here for more details and concrete information about the construction projects in and around Mechelen.

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Onthaal - Campus Kruidtuin
T +32 15 36 91 00


Lange Ridderstraat 44
2800 Mechelen

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
7.00 - 19.00

7.00 - 22.30

8.00 - 17.00

How to get to campus

By train

The campus is 750 m from the Mechelen railway station and 800 m from the Mechelen-Nekkerspoel railway station.

By bus

The Zandpoortvest bus stop is just 400 m from campus.

By bike

There is a bicycle parking area on campus. Rent an (electric) bike through Stuvo.

By car

You can park your car in the low-cost parking garage on Zandpoortvest or in the free parking garage on the Douaneplein, located 800 m from campus. Of course, you can also look for a carpool partner!

Educations on this campus

On Campus Kruidtuin, you will find three bachelor’s degree programmes, taught in Dutch:
Early Childhood Education-, Primary Education and Secondary Education.

At the LEON training centre, Thomas More’s Campus Kruidtuin receives hundreds of teachers each year for the most diverse professional development training courses.

students on this campus

Info Moments at Thomas More

Visit us during one of our open campus days or learn more about the courses on an infoday.

22 April
Saturday 10h - 15h
24 June
Saturday 10h - 15h
6 September
Wednesday 18h - 21h

Facilities and student support

A team of professionals gives advice, guides, helps and assists students. In addition to training courses, Thomas More offers a whole range of student facilities. Discover how we can help you.

Research on this campus

On Campus Kruidtuin, we are actively working on research related to “future-proof education.”

Within the university of applied sciences, we carry out practical research. Click here for more information about research at Thomas More.

Looking for expertise in one of the above-mentioned areas? Find contact details on our website (only available in Dutch).

    Facilities on this campus

    Are you hungry or just in the mood for a bite to eat and a chat? The student restaurant is open every day from 8 - 16.00.

    Need a place to work or study?
    In the Learning Centre, you can work on assignments every day, individually or in a group, even on Saturday!
    Coming to the campus by bike? Don't worry, there are showers available.

    Campus Kruidtuin students are also welcome to visit the student restaurant and learning centre on Campus De Vest.


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