Arrival & welcome days

At Thomas More, your first academic year starts with Welcome Days: one with your fellow students of your study programme and one with all international students.

Welcome Days - September

Get to know your fellow students, campus and study programme before classes start. The Welcome Days are the ideal combination of relaxing activities and very useful information sessions. These information sessions are part of your programme and are therefore a must. You can check the date of the welcome day of your study programme. Once you are subscribed, you can find the detailed schedule on the student portal.

PS: You can also follow your campus on Facebook:  AntwerpenDe NayerGeelLierMechelenTurnhout or Vorselaar. Or get to know Stuvo & the International Office via Instagram.

First days in Antwerp*

To support your first days in Antwerp, we provide various services:

  • Thursday 16 September | Welcome Day
  • Friday 17 September | Orientation Day

* If COVID-19 regulations allow.

First days in Mechelen* (campuses Mechelen & De Nayer)

To support your first days in Mechelen, we provide various services:

  • As from 1 September | Arrival Days - Your personal buddy is ready to welcome you!  
    • Please keep in mind you might need to quarantine upon arrival.
  • Wednesday 15 September | International Welcome Day for all new international (degree/exchange) students
  • Thursday 16 September 
    • 10.00 - 12.00 | Workshop Culture Shock via Zoom
    • 13.30 - 17.00 | Guided visit Mechelen in small groups by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). Everyone welcome! Meeting point: Campus Kruidtuin

* If COVID-19 regulations allow.

First days in Kempen* (campuses Geel, Lier, Turnhout, Vorselaar)

To support your first days in Kempen, we provide various services:

  • Friday 17 September | Welcome and Orientation Day

* If COVID-19 regulations allow.


Welcome Days - February

The February Welcome Days will be organised in the week of 7 February 2022, details will follow soon.