Application overview

All you need to know to apply as an exchange student at Thomas More University of Applied Sciences

General requirements

Ask the international coordinator of your university to check the information and requirements for admission as mentioned in the Inter-Institutional Agreement (IIA) or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between your university and Thomas More:

  • number of mobilities for your educational field
  • recommended language skills
  • any additional requirements

All communication about Erasmus+ students must be done by your International Office and not by individual students.

The application procedure is explained below:

Timeline Autumn


Timeline Spring


  • Definitions:
    • Nomination: Your home institution contacts Thomas More to nominate you as candidate for an exchange. Instructions:

    • Application: You apply as a student yourself in our MoveOn system. You will receive more details once you are nominated. More information on the webpage of the study field of your choice.

    • Registration: Once you get accepted, you will receive instructions by e-mail to officially enrol in the Thomas More system.


  • Please take into account that:
    • Small alterations to the above mentioned dates are possible.
    • These are the ultimate deadlines.
    • Re-examination dates vary from one study programme to another. Please check your study programme under "exam regulations" for more information.