New business model/strategy of Accor's Astore

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How did Accor’s procurement organization became successful ? Linn will guide us through the different phases and aspects of the procurement organization which covers 100% of hospitality procurement needs, with an extensive range of products and services... from food and furniture to equipment and household products to professional services. But where did it all start? What is the business model behind it? Which technology is supporting the growth? What are the mechanicals behind it and what are the challenges for the future?

Linn Verschueren, Senior Business Development Manager Procurement Benelux at Accor

After graduating in 2005 with a Tourism Diploma, he completed his knowledge with an IATA Diploma at our school... After various responsibilities in companies such as Connections, Coca Cola, United Airlines, Emirates and Sabre he joined Accor in the procurement department in 2018 where he is now Senior Business Development Manager Benelux of Astore, the procurement organization of the ACCOR group. Linn is married with 2 kids and is passionate about music and running

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Students Business School Thomas More: via semestrial contribution 45€
Other students: €15
Thomas More Alumni: 20€

Date & starting hour | 16 December 2021, start seminar 18:15 (welcome from 18:00) - expected end hour 19:30
Language | English
Location | online | Teamslink
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