Master Data Management

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Maxime Janssens gives you an introduction to Master Data management

Maxime Janssens, Data & Analytics Consultant / MDM Developer

Alumnus Thomas More 2019. “For the past 2 years at Keyrus, I have specialised myself in Master Data Management (MDM). This encludes designing and building sustainable MDM solutions, and leveraging these within the organisation. Next to that I participated in the development and implementation of Data Governance & Data Quality frameworks. Regarding MDM tools, I have the most amount of experience with Semarchy, but I ensure to keep an overview on other tools on the market to ensure a tool-agnostic approach. SQL is very familiar to me and I have dabbled in Python. Additionally I like to keep up with the latest cloud developments, more specifically Azure & Snowflake.”

Participation fee

Students Business School Thomas More: via semestrial contribution €45
Other Thomas More students: €15/more seminar
Thomas More Alumni: €20/more seminar
Externe participants: €20/more seminar (please contact

Practical information
Date & start time | 24 November 2022, seminar from 18:15-19:30 (receiving as of 18:00)
Language | English
Location | Campus De Vest Zandpoortvest 60 2800 Mechelen | aula 2
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Aula 2