Home alone 2020

Short Description

Staying healthy in times of (semi-) isolation should be a priority, but is not as simple as it seems.
In this seminar you will get some tips on how to deal with working from home, stress during Covid and time management in these changing times.

Debby Joossens, lecturer at Thomas More and manager of Ttribute
Debby has a commercial background in tourism and events. Since 2016 she has been working from home as a coach and independent freelance sales.
With an ENFJ profile she wants to help and connect people.  Also for her, as a social person these times can be challenging.  From her own experience she is happy to share some insight.

Contribution fee
Students Business School Thomas More: via semestrial contribution 30€
Other students: €10
Thomas More Alumni: 20€

Date & time | 26 november 2020, start seminar 18:00 - expected end hour 19:30
Language | English
Location | Click on this link at the start hour & sign in with your official name.  Please install the Teams-app in advance.
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