Everything you wanted to know about a Computer Crime Unit

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When one mentions the Computer Crime Unit, we think of smoky rooms full of PCs and geeks tracking down hackers day and night. But is this reality? Christophe guides us through the Computer Crime Unit of Antwerp and explains its structure and functioning. What are the current phenomena in cybercrime and how are they dealt with? Are they also solved?

Christophe Van Bortel, Gerechtelijk Commissaris Computer Crime Unit Federale Gerechtelijke politie Antwerpen

Geek pur sang! Christophe Van Bortel(40) started his career in the private sector at production house Woestijnvis after studying Computer Science (KHLeuven) and eMedia engineering (KULeuven Campus Groep T). After a few years, however, Christophe broadened his horizons in order to have a greater impact with his technical knowledge and he started the training to become a police inspector. Thanks to his police work, Christophe found a way to share his ICT knowledge with society. The individual impact he had as a geek on the functioning and optimization of certain processes motivated him after a few fascinating years, to retrain as a detective, specializing in cybercrime. In the meantime, he also teaches and participates in European projects, awareness campaigns and information days. Since 01/03/2021, he has been Deputy Head of the Computer Crime Unit of the Federal Judicial Police in Antwerp. In his spare time Christophe likes to tinker 'at high level': building with microcontrollers, 3D printers, programming, ... a geek pur sang!

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Date & starting hour | 6 December 2021, start seminar 18:15 - expected end hour 20:00
Language | English
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