16th Thomas More International Days

Theme of 2021: “Intrapreneurship – innovate within the organisation”

7 campuses, province of Antwerp, Thomas More, Belgium in collaboration with KU Leuven
8-12 March 2021

‘Intrapreneurship’ treasures internal change agents in organisations; people who act as catalysts for incorporating new ideas. These employees embrace the characteristics of entrepreneurs but work within organisations.

  • Do you train your graduates as intrapreneurs? How?
  • Are we intrapreneurs ourselves? Intrapreneurship & international relations?! There are many new trends in ‘internationalisation’. These ID2021 are a call to take action and seize opportunities to further internationalise your curricula and deepen our collaborations as partners.

Our guests combine the online or hybrid programme organised by the department of their specific field of study with the online central day (March 9th) offered to all our guests. You might even expect a surprise on your physical desk!

So our international days are an event at 2 levels with specific aims:

  • Level of the departments (study fields/faculties)1: Here we connect you with one of our colleagues, international coordinators to prepare your schedule as our guest lecturer in a specific study field. You can speak about the overall theme of intrapreneurship or teach a class about your personal expertise (international disciplinary learning for our students and colleagues in the faculty!). Guests are also asked to present their institutions and countries to our students. Classes can be taught in English, French or German.
  • Central level: On Tuesday March 9th we will transcend disciplinary boundaries. During our joint online central day 'networking' is key. You will be meeting many Thomas More colleagues and representatives of our international partner institutions. We hope that you will get inspired by the good practises in 5 areas and identify collaboration opportunities for yourself and your institution!

The ID2021 will build bridges between higher education and the professional field. It will offer a multidisciplinary platform, looking at inspiring perspectives, policies and practices from all over the globe.

Due to the current pandemic the joint central day of March 9th will be fully online. Departments might organise some activities on campus and make the international days a hybrid event. The international coordinator of your study field will indicate what your options are as guest lecturer (on campus or online).

We expect more than 150 guests and warmly welcome all the old friends and new acquaintances!

Programmes of the 16th international days

Programmes per campus and field of study

Practical information

Input on your participation & other wishes
Accommodation (Please bear in mind that this edition is mainly an online event due to the current pandemic)

Route (Please bear in mind that this edition is mainly an online event due to the current pandemic)


1 We connect you to 1 study field and to 1 international coordinator although your institution might be connected to several Thomas More study fields. We believe this is important to avoid schedule conflicts and to clearly communicate with you as our guest. Of course you are free to make personal appointments and arrange meetings with other staff (and study fields) at Thomas More.

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Culture Shock - Extra info questionnaire



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