Admission Requirements | International Teacher

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Diploma requirements

You are a qualified teacher (preschool, primary, or secondary education) with a high proficiency level of English (C1 level requirement before completion of the programme).                                                                                                
An additional (Skype) interview in English will take place before the start of the programme. (In view of visa procedures we advise non-EEA-students to register before May 2020).

Study exemptions and personalised traineeprogrammes are possible.
Accreditation of prior learning can be taken into account.

Additional condition

All candidates apply with a:

  • cv (resume)
  • Motivation letter (stating why you are interested in the postgraduate International Teacher) which will be assessed by the programme manager.

In addition to the cv/motivation assessment, the programme manager will conduct an (Skype) interview in English.

Want to apply? Find out everything about the application procedure.

Language requirements

You can prove you are reasonably proficient at speaking and writing English (level B2, European Framework), if you:

  • obtained a Flemish secondary education diploma or a Dutch VWO-diploma
  • obtained an English-language diploma in secondary or higher education from an institution of one of the following countries: United Kingdom, United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada (except Quebec), Ireland, Caribbean islands & South Africa
    This implies that applicants who did not obtain their GCE A Level certificates in Australia, English speaking Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom or the USA have to submit language test (cf. above) results. 
  • followed your previous education in a partner institution with which Thomas More has an agreement on language requirements.

Residence status

An identity card or passport is sufficient for students from an EU-member state. Other students can apply, but will need a valid residence permit for Belgium for the final registration.

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