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In the past, world's fairs were at the origin of many innovations- large and small -that still color our lives today: steel and glass in architecture, electricity, the lift, television, space travel, but also ice cream cones, even the zip lock, were presented for the first time to people from all over the world. World Expos show what man is capable of culturally, creatively and technologically and is the basis of interpersonal connection, bonding and progress. World Expo Dubai 2020 is no exception. In a changing world, sustainability and mobility will be challenges, but there are also opportunities and chances. These three core elements form the themes in which countries will showcase their innovations. Trend watching lecturer, keynote speaker and future thinker Bert van Thilborgh visited the World Expo 2020 in Dubai shortly after the opening and shares his findings and insights with you. And for those who will go to Dubaï: Bert will share many practical tips to get the most out of your visit to the World Expo.

Bert Van Thilborgh, Trendwatcher, futurist and Innovator, Lecturer Thomas More
Bert Van Thilborgh (° 1967) studied history at the University of Antwerp and the KUL in Louvain. In 2016 he postgraduaded in Trendwatching, Future Thinking & Trendimplementation. He was the founder of some internationally awarded marketing communication agencies in Belgium and the Netherlands. His agencies have worked for both smaller SMEs and large multinationals, such as Walt Disney Studios, Paramount, Hasbro, Playmobil, Electronic Arts, Sanel, Panasonic, Creative Labs, Fleurop, IKEA, Diageo, Alpro, Mars, Mondelez International. In 2017 Bert Van Thilborgh founded the trendwatching and innovation agency Futureproved. He currently advices boards of companies and C- level management in trendanalysis, innovation & future thinking. He worked recently for companies like television company SBS, telecom operator Proximus, beer brewer AB Inbev, chocolate company Cavalier, sustainability company Sodastream, car insurance company Arval, etc. Bert Van Thilborgh is also regularly invited to lectures at home and abroad on various trend developments in various domains. Bert gives guest lectures on coolhunting, trend watching, strategic future thinking and scenario planning at Thomas More University College and other various universities of applied sciences in Belgium, the Netherlands, Russia & Brasil. He is currently working on his first book on trends, innovations and the future after Corona: Trends in the transitional twenties of the 21st century: from Care to opportunities. This book will be published in 2022.

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Date & starting hour | 26 October 2021, start seminar 18:15 (welcome 18:00)- expected end hour 19:45
Language | English
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