FutureProof 2050 | Transhumanism: how will AI influence future business?

Short Description

How close do you think science is to cloning or implanted chips? 
How close do you think we are to eternal life?  
And how can you incorporate all three into a well-functioning economy?  

This is related to Transhumanism. What exactly is this and where do we stand? Is this still a philosophy or is it becoming reality? If you are now asking yourself these questions, this seminar is for you. Our speaker David Pearce will take you on a journey to discover his philosophy of the future and answer all your burning questions.

Here’s already a definition for you: “Transhumanism is a philosophy that is increasingly turning into a science. Transhumanists try to go beyond natural limits. For example, eternal life and cloning.”  (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia)
Only a maximum of 20 people can participate in this seminar. Each participant will get a surprise package, so make sure to sign up. 

Disclaimer: This More Seminar is offered to you by first year students of Office Management within the project Job Factory: 'We design your future; you design your job! 

David Pearce is a philosophical transhumanist from the UK. He is a very well-known figure within the transhumanist organization. He is also the co-founder of the World Transhumanist Association in 2002. Before founding this association, he studied at Brasenose College in Oxford. He is a vegan, not only for the cruelty to animals but also to ensure that animals do not have to suffer in the future. David Pearce wants to redesign the global ecosystem. He is a big influencer in the transhumanist world, therefore more and more transhumanists are becoming vegans. 

Contribution fee
Students Business School Thomas More: via semestrial contribution 30€
Other students: €10
Thomas More Alumni: 20€

Date & starting hour | 10 May 2021, start seminar 18:00 - expected end hour 20:00
Language | English
Location |  Click on  this link at the start hour & sign in with your official name. Please install the Teams-app in advance.
Inscribe | sold out