Future Proof 2050 | Cultured Meat

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In the fast-evolving world we live in, we have become accustomed to all kinds of emerging trends. Some disappear soon after, others continue, and become lasting ones. Take the innovative trends in the meat industry such as the in vitro or lab-grown meat research.
What if cultured meat completely takes over our food pattern by 2050?

In this session, we will be investigating what the meat industry will look like 30 years from now. We will explore the meaning of ‘cultured meat’ and address the following questions: “Will we still be eating animals in 2050?”, “What does this change mean to butchers economically?”, “How investable will the meat industry be?”, “How much will the consumer pay in supermarkets?” and “Will the term ‘Cash Cow’ be glorified because of this?”.

You will go home with an understanding of what to expect as a consumer, how to adapt to the economical changes, and maybe put your money where your mouth is.

We are only allowing a maximum of 20 people, so be fast and sign in.  Don’t miss out on the ‘Meat it’ surprise package we have for you!

This More Seminar is brought to you by the first-year students of Thomas More Office Management within the project Job Factory: ‘We design your future, you design your job!”

Lieven Thorrez, Professor KU Leuven & Simon Fried, Business Developer at Meatech.
Lieven Thorrez is an associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine KU Leuven. He has been teaching there since October 2012. He has a profound knowledge about Biomedical Science and his lab focuses on engineering blood vessel networks in a bio-artificial muscle model consisting of aligned, force-generating within the fibers. Simon Fried has a wide range of industry experience in senior positions spanning B2B and B2C in technology, retail, and banking with corporates, public sectors, and start-ups. He is highly adaptable and comfortable in structured corporate environments as well as in rapidly changing start-ups.

Contribution fee:
Thomas More Business School Student: via semestrial contribution 30€
Other students: 10€
Thomas More Alumni: 20€

Date & Starting hour| 10 May 2021, start seminar 18:00 – expected end hour 19:30
Language| English
Location| Click this link at the start hour & sign in with your student number. Please download the Teams-app.
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