Digital transformation

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The world is changing a little bit faster every day. And more radical. And what will be the long-term impact of Covid-19? This global pandemic has forced us to reflect about the world we want to live in. Digital innovations and societal shifts offer new opportunities, but often make existing solutions (products and services) inadequate and sometimes even completely redundant. During this keynote, Geert Martens gives a look at a future world view from a consumer perspective and how technological innovations and new business models can play a role in this.

Speaker (ENG/FR/NL) - Consultant // Digital transformation - Customer experience // Soccer dad - Petrol head //

Geert is a consultant, keynote speaker and teacher at PXL and Thomas More. He has extensive experience in financial services and the automotive industry and a passion for mobility of the future.

Contribution fee
Students Business School Thomas More: via semestrial contribution 45€
Other students: €15
Thomas More Alumni: 20€

Date & starting hour | 25 October 2021, start seminar 18:15 - expected end hour 19:30
Language | English
Location | Campus De Vest Zandpoortvest 60 Mechelen | aula 2
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