Diaspora Innovation Training Program 2019


Are you a diaspora, an entrepreneur or someone interested in setting up a profit or non-profit business? Then the Diaspora Innovation program is for you.

A two week diaspora innovation and business program running from the 23rd of June to the 4th of July 2019.

Program description

This program focuses on providing various perspectives on diaspora entrepreneurship and its complexity.

It gives you an insight in practices that cultivate innovation and showcases original business examples from the private sector. It provides you an academic perspective on diasporas and developing businesses in profit and not for profit.

  • You will get training on improving businesses that serve not only the broad public but also communities and home countries thereby being entrepreneurial while working with diaspora.
  • You get the basics on Belgium financial context that impacts setting up a diaspora business model.
  • You explore the role and contribution of innovative leaders in the diaspora.
  • You get an insight and current perspective in other regions.
  • The program aims to bring together exceptional innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs linked to the diaspora in different sectors.

Course building blocks

The courses will be built on multiple perspectives in teaching by INSPIRING facilitating learning through inspirational talk and testimonies of proven leaders, by engaging with the knowledge shared by professional hearing college sessions and ultimately by EXCHANGING IDEAS in a hands-on part where participants team up to share knowledge and work on the content.

  • Saturday 23/06 | Diaspora Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Tuesday 25/06 |  Diaspora Business & Finance
  • Thursday 27/06 | Advocacy & Negotiation (Thursday evening nr. 1)
  • Saturday 30/06 | Social Entrepreneurship
  • Tuesday 2/07 | Business & Cultural diversity
  • Thursday 4/07 | Diaspora Regional Dynamics

The lecturers will be announced during the months of April and May 2019.

Programme details

Diaspora Entrepreneurship and Innovation (DEI)
The module DEI will broaden your knowledge on how to transform an idea into reality by following a structured path. It will help you to develop a quality reasoning, gathers relevant information and analyzes a problem from different angles and show inspiring examples from the diaspora. You will understand and describe a Business Model Canvas for a business line and also build a link between value creation and the mission, vision and strategy of the organization/business.

Diaspora Business and Finance (DBF)
The module DBF will give you an insight of key aspects on the local Belgian financial context, tax execution and counseling that impacts a profit and a non-profit business model (VZW, BVBA,BTW). The participants uses simple financial principles to make financial calculations.

Advocacy and Negotiation (AN)
The module AN will offer the participants an insight on key international bodies like the EU, ACP, Asia-Pacific, AU, Commonwealth and Francophonie. The participants will broaden skills like presentation, public speaking, networking and negotiation skills.

Social Entrepreneurship (SE)
The module SE will give the participants an insight on possibilities in building social entrepreneurship in the diaspora.

Business and cultural diversity (BCD)
The module BCD will provide an insight on international perspectives on other specific, marketing  across culture, business etiquette and intercultural adaptability. The participant will understand and apply this broad, globalized and changing context on relationship management and cultural diversity in the business world in order to establish and develop easier cross-border and cross-cultural business relationships. At the end of the module, the  participant will be able to be more sensitive to different perspectives during intercultural contacts.

Diaspora Regional Dynamics (DRD)
The module DRD will provide a broad introduction to key issues in the business environment including business policy, corporate governance, finance, legal aspects, strategy, marketing, sustainability, services and management in different regions such as Africa, Asia and South America.

Program Objectives

  • Stretch the analytical and creative skills of the Diaspora - by exposing them to a new approach to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Developed the capacity of the Diaspora on project designing and managing.
  • Strengthen the position of the Diaspora in Belgium economically, politically, culturally and socially
  • Interconnect Diaspora entrepreneurs in Belgium and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America to enhance the skills base for the development.
  • Enhance their ability to lead in situations where they have no formal authority, which is key for diaspora leaders
  • Re-energize the diaspora by connecting with inspiring peers and leaders from a range of different fields. Build new networks.
  • Strenghten cultural intelligence and the ability to work across boundaries and thrive in multiple cultures.
  • Explore the role and contribution of innovative leaders in the diaspora.

Participant profile

Entrepreneurs wanting to successfully expand or engage with or within diaspora or diaspora regions. We aim to keep the groups small and interactive so a maximum of 25 participants will be allowed to join.

Participant requirements

  • Interest in profit or non-profit business
  • Minimum 18 years of age
  • Being able to work and communicate in English
  • Experience or motivation based (Send CV + Motivation Letter to dip@thomasmore.be)

Patricipation fee

  • The participation fee is 475 euro.
  • Payment of the fee can be spread. Information upon inquiry.
  • Possibility for scholarship-based participation. Reduced fee and minimum own contribution for selected participants based upon motivational letter content.

Contact & subscription

  • Mail us to get more info and subscribe via dip@thomasmore.be.
  • Collaborating partners: ABS (Center for African Business Studies) – Coordinator Paul Nchu Ngang
  • Cimic Postgraduaat Interculturele Transities – Coordinator Willeke Van Herreweghe
  • Contributing partners: Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs Belgium (OVO) & Afropreneur Belgium