15th Thomas More International Days

Theme of 2019: Language & Communication
Multilingual Higher Education - English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) – Multiligualism – Language and the self - Effective Communication

7 campuses, province of Antwerp, Thomas More, Belgium in collaboration with KU Leuven
18-22 March 2019

We are happy to invite lecturers and teaching staff of our partner institutes. We hope to attract experts of all kinds: language experts, communication experts, education experts, experts with a specific view on languaging  in relation to their professional field, experts in multilingualism, etc.

The ID2019 will build bridges between higher education and the professional field. It will offer a multidisciplinary platform, looking at inspiring perspectives, policies and practices from all over the globe.

Our guests will combine the programme organised by the department of their specific field of study with the joint conference day that is taking place in the Lamot Conference and Heritage Centre in Mechelen on Wednesday 20 March 2019.

  • The field specific programmes consist of sessions, lectures or workshops by our international guests. Sessions will be open to our students, colleagues and representatives from the professional field. Lessons and presentations can be about the overall theme, but also about the specific expertise of our guests. Guests are also asked to present their institutions and countries to our students. Classes can be taught in English, French or German.
  • During the joint conference day all Thomas More fields of study will be represented and all guests of all fields will be meeting. There will be many networking possibilities!
  • The joint conference day is taking place in the Lamot Conference and Heritage Centre in Mechelen on Wednesday 20 March 2019. The Centre is a former brewery, where up until the eighties the legendary Lamot beer was produced.

Your sessions can be scheduled in the field specific programme and/or at the joint conference day.

We expect the participants to cover travel, accommodation and other expenses. Participation can qualify as an ERASMUS+ teacher/staff mobility or other mobility.

We invite speakers to submit a one page abstract (500 words, without references). Please consult our call for abstracts here and submit your proposal.

We expect more than 150 guests and warmly welcome all the old friends and new acquaintances!

Programmes of the 15th international days

    General programme
    Departmental programmes

Practical information

   Call for abstracts


*languaging,  “a process of making meaning and shaping knowledge and experience through language” (Swain, 2006, p. 98), where ‘language’ can potentially be any language, not only the local, target or L1 languages.

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