Application procedure for exchange students

1. Application deadlines 2017-2018

The application is completed by filling out the online application and sending in the compulsory documents
by 15 May 2017 (autumn semester and entire academic year)
by 31 October 2017 (spring semester)

2. General requirements

Ask the international coordinator of your university to check the information and requirements for admission as mentioned in the interinstitutional agreement between your university and Thomas More: mobility numbers for the educational field, recommended language skills and additional requirements. All communication about Erasmus+ students should be done by your International Office and not by individual students.

3. Choose courses and/or arrange your placement

a) in case of study mobility
- Read the course guide and choose your courses.
Dutch speaking students from the Netherlands and Belgium can choose courses from the degree programme via the programmagids.
- Fill out the learning agreement for studies Thomas More before the mobility. A full-time study of one semester corresponds to 30 ECTS credits.

b) in case of traineeship mobility
- Make arrangements with the The Receiving Organisation/Enterprise and describe your detailed programme of the traineeship period including knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired.
- Fill out the learning agreement for traineeships Thomas More before the mobility.  

4. Online application MoveOn

Thomas More uses an online application tool: Online application Exchange Students Thomas More 2017-2018.
You will need to upload a motivation letter, academic transcript of records and copy of your passport/identity card.

When applying, please make sure that all fields are filled in correctly and that all necessary data is entered. Otherwise, we will not be able to proceed your application. After the data have been submitted, the application form will be made available as a PDF document. Please print this document and sign it. If you do not currently have access to a printer, you can save the PDF document and print it later.

5. Send your documents by e-mail

  1. PDF file of your Online application, with your signature and the signature from your coordinator.  Name of your document: Application_firstname_surname.pdf

  2. PDF file of your learning agreement before the mobility, with your signature and the signature from your coordinator. Name of your document: LearningAgreement_firstname_surname.pdf

! The subject line of your e-mail must include (1) the name of the programme you apply for at Thomas More, (2) the semester(s) and (3) the campus of Thomas More, f.i. Journalism - Spring semester - Mechelen.
E-mail address: