14th Thomas More International Days

Theme of 2018: International = Digital?

Between 12th and 16th March, the seven campuses of Thomas More are joining forces to create an international atmosphere for all students and personnel.

We are pleased to invite lecturers and staff members from our partner institutes in the framework of the Erasmus+ teaching exchange/staff training program. We strongly believe in the importance of internationalisation for all our students and in the networking and the exchange of knowhow and experience between lecturers and staff members.

During our International Days 2018, we will focus on the theme ‘International = Digital?’.

A paperless International Office will be the topic of our staff day. We believe topics such as: connectivity and the added value of social media, the digital transformation of our economy, the digital citizen, smart living, e-help and digital care, media literacy, … will inspire our international guests, students and lectures from the various fields of study.

The theme ‘International = Digital?’ is also meant as a trigger to think about joint online courses that open up opportunities for internationalisation@home.

The program will consist of sessions, lectures or workshops of our international guests. Sessions will be open to our students, colleagues and interested representatives from the field of work. Your lessons and presentations can deal with the overall theme, but also with your own field of expertise. It would be nice to present your institution and country to our students. Classes can be taught in English, French or German.

Staff members of our partner institutes, who want to come under the staff training program, will have a suitable program devised for them.
You will preferably stay in a hotel in the town where most of your teaching/staff activities take place. Your Thomas More contacts will suggest the most suitable town to stay in but of course we will take care of transport in between the towns. During the whole program, there will be many networking possibilities with colleagues, representatives from companies and organisations we work with, and of course our students!


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We are looking forward to seeing you in March!


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Masterclass “Does psychology matter? Dealing with cognition, emotion, and behavior in the interrogation and courtroom”


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    Van: 12 maart 2018 om 09:00
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    7 campuses in the province of Antwerp